What is Prague Media Point?
An annual international interdisciplinary conference for journalists, media professionals, scholars, policy makers, and activists that started in 2012.

Where does Prague Media Point take place? 
In 2020 Prague Media Point will be exclusively virtual. 

How can I attend Prague Media Point?
You can attend the conference no matter where you are, registration is free of charge. 

Get your ticket here. 

Can I present an interesting project/research that I would like to present?
All 2020 calls have been closed.  

Can I volunteer for Prague Media Point?

Absolutely, please contact us at caspe@keynote.cz

Can I get a press pass for the conference?
No press passes are necessary.


Can I interview a speaker?

Of course. If you would us to facilitate a contact with a speaker, please, write to caspe@keynote.cz

Our organization is interested in supporting Prague Media Point, where can I get more information? 

Write to caspe@keynote.cz

Who are the organizers?

Prague Media Point was started by KEYNOTE and Transitions in 2012. There is also a Steering Committee, composed of international experts, that participates and advises the program and the direction that the conference should take.

Who can I contact if I have another question regarding the conference?

Contact Dagmar Caspe, Project Coordinator, caspe@keynote.cz

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