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The 7th Annual Prague Media Point Conference

November 25, 2020

PRAGUE MEDIA POINT - virtual conference starts in 6 days!

For journalists, media professionals, and scholars December 1-11, 2020, Registration is free of charge:

The seventh annual Prague Media Point conference will be held over six days during December 1-11, 2020 with workshops on December 12 and 13. Held exclusively online, this year’s event presents a unique opportunity to engage with an international group of journalists, media experts, and scholars, no matter where you are.

In line with this year’s theme – “What’s Working” – discussions will highlight some of the industry’s most successful projects and approaches and their potential for replication. The agenda includes 36 sessions split into four main areas addressing some of the most pressing issues of today. Here are some examples of our program.

1. On today’s news agenda, December 1, 4

The media freedom segment will feature a discussion with Roman Imielski, deputy editor in chief of Gazeta Wyborcza and András Földes, a journalist at the newly founded The climate change segment will cover examples of solutions journalism focused on the climate crisis. The COVID-19 segment will include a presentation by Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, professor at the Cardiff School of Media, Journalism, and Culture on her latest research on how local community journalism providers stepped up their activities during the pandemic. The diversity segment will introduce a constructive debate format by the Norwegian Public Television presented by journalist Gro Engen.

2. Digital and Personal Safety Workshop - December 5

Hands-on workshop with award-winning journalist Stevan Dojčinović of KRIK and OCCRP.

3. Grow and Innovate - self-help for organizations, December 8

This day will be dedicated to audience engagement with Jennifer Brandel, founder of Hearken; crowdfunding campaigns with Kickstarter’s Oriana Leckert; technological innovations with the founder of The Logic, David Skok; and much more.

4. Scholarly Insights - December 10

One of the presentations on this day will be by Astrid Gynild, professor at the University of Bergen, who researched COVID-19 tracking apps.

5. Investigative Journalism - December 11

This session will feature some of the most impactful recent investigations such as Group America, which focused on a powerful U.S.-Serbian drug gang, presented by Stevan Dojcinović of KRIK; and Kocner Library, a project that made accessible to journalists all the data seized during the investigation of Ján Kuciak’s murder, presented by Pavla Holcová of

In addition to that there will be optional practical workshops to choose from. The full program will be published in the coming weeks.

Prague Media Point is an annual international conference with a mission to foster the media’s work for the public good by convening solution-oriented expert gatherings that bring together unique, regional perspectives and provide lasting networking experiences. The issues are presented in an international context with a special focus on the Central and Eastern European region and its neighbors. The conference is co-organized by KEYNOTE and Transitions.

The conference is held under the auspices of Zdeněk Hřib, Mayor of the City of Prague.

The conference is supported by the International Visegrad Fund, US Embassy in Prague, Czech-German Future Fund, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Prague, Embassy of the Netherlands in Prague, Austrian Cultural Forum, Embassy of Canada in Prague, Embassy of the United Kingdom in Prague, European Endowment for Democracy, Deutsche Welle, Syndicate of Journalists of the Czech Republic, Denník N, Albanian Media Institute, Department of Media Studies and Journalism – Masaryk University, Hungarian Center for Independent Journalism, Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism – Charles University, Budapest Metropolitan University, University of Lublin, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, KRIK, Outriders, Project Syndicate, Krytyka Polityczna, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and European Journalism Observatory.

Dagmar Caspe

Project Coordinator


Tel: +420 776 202 908

Twitter: @MediaPrague

Facebook: /praguemediapoint


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