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How to Build a Resilient News Outlet in a Hostile Environment?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Moderator: James Wright

Speaker: Andras Petho

December 11th, 2020, 15:30-16:05 CET

This discussion was organized in cooperation with the International Visegrad Fund.

Written by Anuar Satmurzin

Key words: Investigative Journalism, Political Pressure, Networks, Media, Freedom.

Short annotation, summary

The enhancement of political crackdown on media had a significant impact on the freedom of press. There are several implications of the increased political pressure, including the control over the flow and content of the press and the budget deficit. Thus, Andras Petho attempts to make an insight into the hostile environment of modern day investigative journalism.

The project or approach to be discussed in the session

During the panel, speakers will discuss the situation around the issue of increased political pressure on the media. They will provide an analysis of current trends and implications with regard to the position of investigative journalism in such a hostile environment.

Evidence of impact – has not been mentioned by the speakers.

Limitations, risks of the approach provided by the speaker

Both the lack of budget and weak networking were considered as the factors inhibiting the full-scale development of investigative journalism. First, in order to not be subjected to the government's will, journalists have to refrain themselves from private enterprises, businesses and contracts. Instead, they should focus on public donations. However, the less network you have, the less insights you get. Therefore, journalists have to balance themselves between creating networks and becoming subjects of someone’s influence.


1. Political pressure is often exercised through business, private enterprises and contracts (15:39).

2. We have to realize that there is a pretty sad pattern in our region and the other parts of the world, in particular, over the last decade, that there has been a political crackdown in the media, i.e. oligarchs took over the media (15:32).

3. If you have less partners, you are more vulnerable because if you are part of the investigative frameworks and networks, then you will have access to more resources (15:40).


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