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Rewatch the 2020 Conference: Media Freedom

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Sailing through Troubled Waters: Journalism in Poland and Hungary

In Hungary, most news outlets are controlled by the state or by close friends and associates of the prime minister. In Poland's deeply polarized society, liberal media are under attack, and the public service media serve as government propaganda. Independent media in both countries find themselves under rising pressure from public institutions as well as informal networks affiliated with those in power. Earlier this year, 80 journalists resigned in protest after the dismissal of the editor in chief of, a reputable independent news outlet in Hungary. Gazeta Wyborcza, the biggest independent news outlet in Poland, is being targeted by an avalanche of libel lawsuits concerning articles about the government, government agencies, and state-owned companies, and faces growing pressure from legislative changes. Nevertheless, the journalists continue to fight for press freedom. What is the way forward? Are there any changes in sight? What can the international community do to help? Roman Imielski of Gazeta Wyborcza and András Földes of Telex will discuss these questions and what works in the fight for media freedom in the two countries.


András Földes, Journalist and Video Journalist, Telex, Hungary

Roman Imielski, Deputy Editor in Chief, Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland


Barbara Trionfi, Executive Director, International Press Institute (IPI), Austria

Interview with Zdenek Hrib, Mayor of the City of Prague

The Mayor shares his views on the value of the freedom of the press and weighs in on the development of the media in the Czech Republic since 1989.


Zdenek Hrib, Mayor of the City of Prague, Czechia


Jeremy Druker, Executive Director, Transitions, Prague Media Point conference Co-chair, Czechia

Telegram: Circumventing Censorship in Belarus

Belarusian independent media and citizen journalists have been under state pressure for years. As part of the government crackdown following the contested presidential elections, suppression of freedom of expression has been ramped up. The messaging app Telegram has become a key platform for Belarusian independent media, providing reliable information about developments in the country.

This discussion was organized in cooperation with the Prague Civil Society Centre.


Daria Minsky, Co-Founder, Mint Media, Belarus


Barbara Trionfi, Executive Director, International Press Institute (IPI), Austria

Interview: Disinformation in Georgia

Giorgi Jangiani from the Prague-based People in Need Foundation talks about disinformation in Georgia and discusses Georgian Watch, a new project to counter its spread.


Giorgi Jangiani, Consortium Manager, People in Need


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